Orlden Hair Oil Spray 500ml

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OrlDen Hair Oil is a light oil which should only be applied to the external coatÉ

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OrlDen Hair Oil is a light oil which should only be applied to the external coat of livestock. The active ingredient in it is proven effective against the fungi which cause Ringworm in cattle, horses, dogs and cats. The oil should be applied directly to the affected area and also around the borders on a daily basis until the the scabs start to fall off and the healthy skin is revealed underneath. This usually happens within 7 -10 days. In practice, most people apply Hair oil just 2-4 times. OrlDen Hair oil has quickly and successfully killed Ringworm on people. cattle, horses dog and cats. OrlDen Hair oil is equally effective against many other conditions also.

OrlDen Hair oil is also a very simple and effective treatment for mange and dandruff in bulls, frequently seen in Pedigree and Fatstock on high protein diets in preparation for shows and sales. Apply the the oil to the affected area, it will immediately relieve the itching and also kill the mite which caused the mange.

OrlDen Hair oil will kill lice eggs and is a powerful insect repellent protecting sores and wounds from flies and insects in summertime. It will also,if applied regularly, prevent lice infestation, ticks and mites

OrlDen Hair Oil also contains a blend of nut oils containing Omega 6 essential oil, minerals and vitamins which will nourish the hair follicles and add lustre and shine to the coat of animals for showing or display.

OrlDen Hair Oil should not be applied to pregnant stock as a precaution

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