Skellerup Boots

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Boots Farmtrak LB1 Light is a strong, flexible, lightweight and waterproof boot. Designed for constantly damp and harsh agricultural environments the F-Thread LB1 provides optimal grip and comfort. For all on-farm environments. Unique thread design for multiple surface conditions. Insulates against cold & hot temperatures.


Skellerup Boots are manufactured for the highest performance. They are:

  • Flex resistant – flex them several million times with no surface cracking
  • Heavy-duty linings – all styles feature a rubber skimmed linings for superior strength and durability
  • Internal canvas reinforcing – maximum protection against tears and punctures, especially in key areas
  • Sole abrasion resistance – unique compounds minimise wear and extend the life of every sole
  • Ultra Violet protection – special ozone-resistant additives guard against degradation by harsh sunlight
  • 100% Inspection – Every pair is leak-tested and thoroughly inspected

Available in four different styles

  1. Red Band Farm
  2. Quatro Farm Boot
  3. Quatro Sport Country Boot
  4. Quatro Safety

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Red Band Farm, Quatro Farm, Quatro Sport Country, Quatro Safety


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