Tribex 10% (Triclabendazole)


Rumenil fluke drench is an oral drench for the treatment and control of adult liver fluke and tapeworms in cattle.

The active ingredient, Oxyclozanide, has shown to have a high impact on rumen fluke that are present in the bile duct of the animal. It is appropriate for use in cattle all year round.

Although in housed animals the treatment should be re-administered 8 to 12 weeks later to control the threat of immature fluke that may have been present at the time of housing.



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Tribex 10% is an Oral drench for cattle. It is effective against all stages of liver fluke (early immature, immature & adult).


Additional information

Dosage and admin

Cattle: 12 mg triclabendazole per kg bodyweight as a single administration.

Bodyweight Dosage
Up to 50 kg 6 ml
100 kg 12 ml
150 kg 18 ml
200 kg 24 ml
250 kg 30 ml
300 kg 36 ml
350 kg 42 ml
400 kg 48 ml
For animals over 400 kg – give an additional 6 ml for each additional 50 kg bodyweight


Meat and offal:
56 days.

The product is not permitted for use during lactation in animals producing milk for human consumption. When used in non-lactating cattle: Milk for human consumption may only be taken from 84 hours after calving.
Not intended for use within 41 days of calving. If calving occurs before 41 days after treatment, milk for
human consumption may only be taken after 41 days plus 84 hours after thetreatment.


2.2L, 5L


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