Henke Ecomatic Injectors & Drenchers (Various types)

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Henke Ecomatic Injectors (Various types)

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Henke Ecomatic Injectors & Drenchers (Various types)

Drenchers – Self-filling syringe with tubing especially designed for sheep and cattle or multiple dosing of livestock. • Ergonomic and user-friendly design • High-strength materials guarantee continuous use as well as long service life at low weight • Dosing wheel for setting the required dosage • Come with 11cm nozzle

BMV Collar – Automatic self-filling syringe. Easy to use, durable design with safe and secure bottle fittings. Colour coded bottle collars for easy reference and identification of the right adapters for the different sized bottles. – collars 20mm (white) 30mm (blue) 33mm (Green).

BMV Basket – Automatic self-filling syringes, Premium-quality plastic syringe with durable plastic barrel. Ensures secure attachment of medication bottle. Bottle protected against shock or impact. Bottle up to 100ml can be changed quickly and easily. Durable metal needle fitting ,accurate, continuously variable dose setting. Exceptional in price and performance. Ergonomic, compact design for ease of use

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5ml C/W tube & 20mm draw off cap, 5ml BMV with basket, 30ml LL with tubing, 2ml BMV with basket, 1ml BMV with 3 collars, 12.5mm LL with tubing, 0.3ml BMV with basket


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