Miracle Cream (Novavet) 500ml

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Mastomint Cool Gel is a premium udder ointment and rub. It works by warming the skin and increasing blood flow to the infected area. Mastitis infection causes swelling in the quarter and the natural blood flow is reduced. Mastomint helps in providing heat to the affected area by softening the udder and supports the restorative capacity of the skin. The natural oils soften the hardened or swollen quarter and blood flow is enhanced in this area. Mastomint is a natural product with no milk withdrawal. Contains a blend of peppermint oil, Arnica oil, Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil.

Massage approximately 10ml twice daily for 2-4 days on the quarter that has to be taken care of after milking out.

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Miracle Cream is used for aiding in the recovery of stiff joints, muscle, sprains and strains.

It contains a blend of Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Essence, Menthol & Arnica Eucalyptus Oils. Miracle cream aids in reducing inflammation by increasing the blood flow circulation in that area once applied and massaged into the affected area.

Miracle cream is suitable for use by farmers, athletes, sports people (hurlers, footballers), children & seniors to name a few.

Massage approximately 10ml twice daily for optimum results


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