NS (Natural Stockcare) Copper Cobalt 1L


Very palatable, water soluble Copper and Cobalt Supplement, to provide essentialÉ

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Copper Cobalt is a very palatable, water soluble Copper and Cobalt Supplement, to provide essential boosts, particularly in suckler calves and dairy herds during the
dry cow period and heifers during the Winter. Sheep and Lambs, due to numerous physiological variations also require Copper and Cobalt to help with poor growth rates.

Copper Cobalt is a water-soluble Copper and Cobalt Trace Element product carried on a palatable cyder vinegar base to stimulate the appetite.

Copper (as Sulphate) – 5000mg per Litre – 50mg per 10ml
Cobalt (as Chloride) – 1000mg per Litre – 10mg per 10ml

Copper is present in many body tissues and pigments found in hair and wool as well as being essential for Haemoglobin formulation via Copper dependent enzymes.

Copper Cobalt helps to mop up the effects of Molybdenum and Sulphur and helps to maintain the normal level of blood copper. Do not feed to Texel or Rare Breed Sheep without consulting your Natural Stockcare Nutritionist or Veterinary Surgeon.

Additional information

Dosage and admin

Soluble – Orally as a drench – mix into milk, water or top dress, or use in a 24hr water treatment system. Administration (Guideline – 2mls per 50 kg Bodyweight):

Lambs – 2 ml
Calves – 5 ml
Sheep – 3 ml
Adult Cattle – 20 ml

Repeat as necessary at intervals of 3-4 weeks only.


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