Audevard Redplex+ 1L


Red blood cells play an essential role in your horseÕs body, transporting oxygenÉ

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Redplex+ is designed to provide the essential nutrients, especially the vitamins and trace elements (iron, etc.) that horses need during intense effort, training, and/or competition.

Redplex+ can be used for nutritional restoration in horses who have lost weight or are convalescing.  It contains high concentration of iron and other nutrients contributing to red blood cell production, such as vitamin B12.  Users like that it gives their horses a visible boost after just one week of use.


Additional information

Dosage and admin

30-60ml per day, either in a feed or directly in the horses mouth until restoration is achieved (3 – 4 weeks).
1 litre will last for up to 33 days.
Shake well before use.


Safe for use in competition horses


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