Ubera Dry 250ml (External teat sealant)

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Boviseal is indicated for the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period. This results in a reduction in the incidence of sub clinical mastitis in cows at calving and of clinical mastitis in the dry period and the subsequent lactation (for at least 60 days after calving).

It is recommended that Boviseal be used as part of a herd approach to dry cow management and mastitis control. Cows considered likely to be free of sub clinical mastitis should be given Boviseal at drying off according to the criteria below.

Other animals should be managed in accordance with an approved mastitis control plan or specific veterinary advice.


Ubera® Dry is a biodegradable external teat barrier that prevents the entering of bacteria and aids in the prevention of milk leakage. After dipping, the liquid forms a water repellent bio-adhesive barrier. The product becomes solid within 20 seconds and forms a uniform, smooth and thin barrier. The micro-pores of the natural polymer provides an effective barrier while retaining the balance of the skin flora and allowing aeration.


Aids in the prevention of udder infections in the early lactation.

Aids in the prevention of heifer and summer mastitis.

Additional information

Directions for use

For external applications only.
1. Clean the teat
2. Dip the teat for 3/4 in the cup
3. Slowly remove the cup while giving it a quarter turn
4. Dripping stops within 20 seconds
5. The teat-end remains protected for up to 5 days.

Repeat dipping when required.
One 250ml bottle will serve minimum of 30 cows, 4 quarters when rigorous dipping the teat.




Ubera Dry


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