Udder Hair Remover

185.00 Inc Vat

The express udder hair remover is a new way to remove udder hair using a ‘cool’ flame without causing pain to the cow. Removal of udder hair improves general udder condition. Hairless udders are easier to clean and helps reduce penetration time before miking.

Unclipped udder hair accumulates dirt and makes proper sanitisation of the teats more difficult. Hair left along the teat can be drawn into the teat cup during milking carrying with it millions of mastitis causing organisms.

Comes complete with 3 meter hi-pressure hose.


The TERRA portable thermal hair remover does the job in less than four seconds per animal! The soft ‘cool’ flame (low oxygen load) makes the process painless for the animal and the long straight or curved burner enables use in stalls while ensuring user safety. It has an operating time of approximately two hours and can be assembled in less than two minutes.

Comes complete with 1 metre hi-pressure hose.

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Straight, Curved


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