Precision Microbes (Cats & Dog)

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The Precision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic for Cats and Dogs is a Complementary Dietetic Feed and is a licensed, Vet supervised, Supportive Care Product, ideal for gut stabilization and relief from digestive disturbance in pets.

Probiotics for a healthy life. We know that 70% of immune function is based in the digestive system of our pets. Having a healthy microbiome with good bacteria is essential for this. It is these billions of microbes (good bacteria) and a healthy gut microbiome that plays a key role in good digestive and immune function.

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Precision Microbes Greyhound

With high performance, there is stress on the animal that can lead to gut health issues.  Stress from athleticism and training can have negative impacts on optimal gut health.  Precision Microbes has been specifically formulated with unique probiotic and postbiotics also to optimise digestive health.  Helps to support gut health and immunity.







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Calves (Post & Pro-biotic):
Gut stabilisation: 60mls orally twice daily for 3 days (until symptoms resolve)
Recovery from scour/disease/stress: 30mls for 30 days
Long term prevention – 30ml from birth once daily x 30 days or 30ml from birth once daily x 10 days then 30ml every 2nd day until weaning.
Summer Scour Syndrome – 100ml once daily x 3 days

Calves (Advanced Gut Stabiliser)
50mls orally for 3-5 days

Mare Ill thrift – 150ml daily in feed
Foal gut upset – 50ml twice daily x 4 days
stress/weaning period – 60-80ml daily for 3 weeks during weaning/stress/sales period

Cats & Dogs:
1ml per kg bodyweight daily

Lambs & Kids:

Newborn Lambs: 6mls orally at birth (can be repeated after 24 hours if needed)

Lambs with diarrhoea: 1ml/kg once daily for 3-5 days or until symptoms resolve (can be used in conjunction with other treatments, if antibiotics leave 2 hours in between treatments)


No withdrawal period for Meat/Milk
Has also been passed for use in racing/competition horses.


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